My Life

It was like any other Saturday afternoon. I was in my studio creating something and Dale was in the midst of a backyard beautification project. My stomach was rumbling, but I knew I had to wait a while until my “feasting” window opened. I’m fasting intermittently to reset my system and generally feel better. After […]

Shit My Momma Says

Well folks, a lot has happened since we kidnapped momma in March. She has become the Queen and Dale and I have reluctantly accepted our roles as her loyal servants. She lets us do things like make her coffee, cook her meals, cut and coif her hair, wash her clothes, etc., etc. We are but […]

Kidnapping My Mom from the COVID

As soon as Dale and I heard that the Life Care nursing home in Kirkland, Washington was the epicenter of the COVID, we immediately made plans to kidnap my mom from her assisted living center here in Little Rock. Imagine not being able to get in to see her and her not being able to get […]

My OCD and This Crazy Ass Pandemic

This crazy ass pandemic is wreaking havoc on my OCD. Even working from home using my own keyboard, I sometimes panic and clean my own hands to protect me from myself. Good grief. I have only left my house twice in about four weeks. My husband, Dale, was going to the nursery to pick up […]

My Ordinary World

In 1980, during my first summer home from college, I worked at the Arkansas Rice Research and Extension Center. The Research Center sat squarely in the Grand Prairie amidst thousands of acres of rice and soybeans. Stuttgart, the nearest town, had the distinction of being the “Rice and Duck Capital of the World”. Personally, I […]

Floating Works Better If You’re Face Up

A few years back, I was infatuated with the idea of songwriting.  I figured, “Hey, I play the piano.  I can sing.  I can rhyme, and I can write.  And there’s an added bonus:  I’m really good at creating ridiculous names for country songs.”  So I purchased a fancy keyboard and took to songwriting—ballads mostly. […]