The Strong Friend

I’m an upbeat guy by most accounts–the strong friend.  I’m a go-to person for friends who want to talk through things or vent or ask for advice.  Like I said, I’m a strong friend, but I also have my struggles. I have friends that pause during their busy lives to ask me how I’m doing. […]

Goodbye, Ms. D

My tribute to the glorious Ms. Dianna Denton. Given on May 19th to a sea of friends, family, and former students.  I love you, sweet lady.   Wow!  Look at us!  Look at you!  Look at this! This is proof that love creates a sacred gravity.  Its pull is undeniable.  Love is the force that […]


Here’s a very short, short story about my mom. In joy. Mom Born Friday, March 13,1934 Chapter One- Fruitcake Once upon a time, there was an elderly woman. Her decades-long journey had been punctuated with ill fortune. Her life was like a fruitcake soaked in cheap liquor—few would choose it. But my mother was a […]

That One Bad Review

I was delighted—thrilled really—that my Facebook post announcing my TEDx talk reached almost 3,500 folks. Many of you shared it, and over 800 people actually watched the TEDx talk. As I sipped my wine in the paradise of my 110 year-old porch yesterday afternoon, I received a notification that someone had commented on my TEDx […]

The Power of Grace

If you were gay growing up in the 1960s and ’70s on the buckle of the Bible belt, you told no one. Keeping secrets was the key to survival. If you weren’t allowed to dance in public, then for God’s sake, there was no way in hell you could be a homosexual. My journey out […]

The Better Angels of Our Nature

The reality of our current situation is this:  there wasn’t and never will be a perfect candidate for us to put our faith in.  There will never be someone whose record is without decisions we disagree with.  Such is the nature of humans. Last night the 44th flawed mortal was elected President of the United […]

A Snapshot of Struggle

As some of you know, I’m heading to California later this month to work on a book proposal.  In preparing for that work, I was reviewing my journals from the past couple years and ran across this entry from November 9, 2014.  It is a snapshot of the struggle I was going through.  As I’ve mentioned […]

Love Is Not Always A Verb

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, when I believed that love was an action verb. In my mind, the feeling wasn’t enough. Love had to be an act of kindness or a manifestation of compassion. It might have been Oprah that convinced me of this. I wrote about love as […]

My Prayer of Truth

The fall and winter months of this year were filled with punishing days—each hour slowly wading through the thick mire of my life. Each minute trudging toward the next until one by one by one they finally dropped off the horizon and I could sleep. I was broken and beginning to crumble. I was leaking […]